Ink Painting Fundamentals
Artist Valentina Semenets
5 lessons
Meet the Artist
Valentina Semenets is an independent artist and illustrator who studied at the Russian Academy of Arts. She has participated in several exhibitions and art markets in Russia and Turkey. In her artwork, she explores the natural world and seeks patterns to depict and adapt. Through her artistic interpretations, she invites viewers to appreciate the harmony of nature and find inspiration in the the world around us.
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Discover the captivating world of ink painting and immerse yourself in Japanese and Chinese art and culture with our series of 5 workshops. This course is suitable for both beginners and advanced artists, with
no prior knowledge required.

You will explore the rich history of traditional ink painting techniques through a combination of theoretical and practical lessons. Learn about the materials and techniques used in this ancient art form and gain a deeper understanding of two traditional types of ink painting: sumi-e and guohua (gongbi).

Unlock the secrets of Japanese art by joining us in this immersive course on ink painting.

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    Practical tasks

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    Hours of material

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Lesson 1
Ink: introduction
theory: In this lesson, you will gain knowledge about ink, its unique characteristics compared to other art media, and the different types of ink available. Additionally, you will be introduced to the historical significance of ink and be taken through the works of artists from the 6th to the 21st century.

practice: As for practice, you will learn fundamental ink techniques and
exercises to warm up.
Lesson 2
theory: you will learn about the Japanese art style Sumi-e and go through the works of famous Japanese artists

practice: you will create 6 sumi-e pieces
Lesson 3
theory: you will learn about the Chinese art style guohua and the techniques within it (gongbi and ink wash painting) and go through the works of famous Chinese artists

practice: you will create 1 gongbi piece
Lesson 4
Bringing ink to life
theory: you will learn about plein-air art and how to
incorporate ink into it

practice: you will create 10 plein-air pieces of your surroundings

Lesson 5
A final touch
theory: you will learn about composition basics and analyze the composition in the works of modern ink artists

practice: you will create a final piece, based on en plein-air sketches you made during the previous lesson
paper (watercolor, rice, or any paper 100g/m3 or higher), black ink (liquid or solid) colored ink, or watercolor brushes (calligraphy or natural)optional: brush pens,
ink liners

During this course we will use applications like Miro, to encourage a dynamic and interactive learning experience.

Content creators
Sharpen your visual storytelling: Master Japanese ink basics and weave tales with each stroke. Captivate audiences with minimalist landscapes and
Zen-infused visuals.

Elevate your art with Japanese ink! Unleash your creativity and discover a whole new world of expression.

Unlock stunning visuals that whisper ancient charm. From minimalist logos to serene illustrations, your portfolio will stand out with a unique Eastern flair.

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Imagine a space buzzing with creative energy, where dedicated artists peel back the curtain on their processes. No secrets, no guarded knowledge – just an open exchange of tricks, techniques, and the captivating stories behind their discoveries. Witness the magic of a master sculptor sharing the weight and feel of clay, or a renowned painter guiding you through the dance of color and light.

NABROSKII isn't just about copying techniques; it's about unleashing your own creative potential. Experiment with unfamiliar materials, dive into new artistic disciplines, and push the boundaries of your comfort zone. In our school you'll find mentors who encourage experimentation, celebrate risk-taking, and help you unearth the depths
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